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Market conditions continually evolve—brand perceptions change, new competitors arise, economic conditions shift, regional sensitivities develop and technological breakthroughs occur. Any of these changes could present a new (or damage an existing) market opportunity. Qualitative and quantitative marketing research can inform strategic business decisions and allow companies to better focus their product or service offering and inform their sales and marketing strategies.

Whether developing or executing integrated marketing plans, be that brand image development, brand integration or acquisition, new market penetration, a new product or brand launch, etc., we begin each research project by listening carefully, establishing clear objectives, and creating a methodology designed against established needs.

Our clients’ involvement continues with input into questionnaires, audience profiles and analytics. Finally, while we will offer our thoughts on the findings through a report and presentation that lays out our recommendations, insights, and perceived implications, projects are never finished until our clients have weighed in on what the research has revealed and how they, in turn, will respond.

In market research circles, MCM Research has earned a reputation for not only finding answers to the questions our clients are asking, but going beyond the assignment to uncover unique insights and opportunities that help our clients make business decisions that will deliver the strongest and most powerful outcomes. Our flexible and customized approach involves identifying the right combination of primary and secondary, qualitative and quantitative research programs to provide valuable insight into our clients’ distinctive marketplaces.

Led by our Director of Research, much of our market research is conducted under the auspices of MCM Research, allowing us to conduct research while maintaining client anonymity. From focus groups, dyads and panels to individual interviews, awareness/preference studies, channel and perceptual mapping, we develop customized research solutions to uncover true customer insights that present greater opportunities to strengthen your brand at every point of contact.

Capabilities Qualitative models:

Mini and traditional focus groups, conducted in-person, by telephone and online
Dyads, triads and panels
In-person and telephone intensive individual interviews
Ideation sessions
Internal interviews and discussion groups

Quantitative techniques:
Online, in-person and telephone surveys
Perceptual and correspondence mapping

Proposed data collection services are determined based on research goals. We write questions that are presented to respondents in a clear, unambiguous, concise and relevant manner so that the answers will easily translate into useful information.

We deploy a professional and experienced field service staff that has considerable experience in the market place.

Our scalable and flexible research model and organizational structure allows for us to identify and work side by side with partner resources for further data analysis. We work with outside partners in specific cities or countries, or contract with our clients’ established relationships to provide a variety of data analysis techniques appropriate to the needs of the assignment. Our partners provide highly structured coding and data verification procedures to ensure high-quality data, which can be easily translated and interpreted to assist in strategy and planning.

Our team


Chief Operating Officer

B.B.A., Marketing, Eastern Kentucky University

Work Experience:
Felicia worked on the client side in merchandising and marketing before joining MCM Research in 1995.

Personal Activities and Interests:
Since family is very important to her, Felicia spends much of her free time with her husband and children. She also enjoys the ongoing renovation and rehabbing of her 1911 home.

Why Do You Like Your Job?
It’s challenging, fun and rewarding—no day is ever the same.

Hogan Hutchinson

Director of Strategy & Planning

B.A., Advertising, Michigan State University

Work Experience:
Having worked in agencies both large and small, on a variety of accounts from packaged goods to financial services, Christy brings a broad and deep understanding of B2B and B2C marketing strategies.

Personal Activities and Interests:
Christy loves traveling, music, sports (watching or playing) and curling up with a good book. No matter what she’s doing she’s the happiest doing it with her husband, friends and family.

Why Do You Like Your Job?
It’s all about the people for me, and working with those people to come up with strategic and creative solutions.


Director of Research

M.A., Counseling Psychology, Northwestern University

Work Experience:
Gail joined MCM Research following 10 years as senior vice president at Lipman Hearne, Inc. doing enrollment and strategic marketing consulting. Prior to that she served as dean for enrollment and director of marketing at National-Louis University.

Personal Activities and Interests:
Gail is a diehard Cubs fan. She is a patient woman.

Why Do You Like Your Job?
My colleagues at MCM Research are an incredibility energetic, creative fun group of people.


Director of Business Development

J.B.A., University of Wisconsin, Madison

Work Experience:
Corey began her career working in public relations and transitioned to marketing for a variety of clients in the consumer, lifestyle, food and beverage, technology and financial industries, before joining MCM Research in 2009.

Personal Activities and Interests:
Corey came into this world singing, dancing and acting. Aside from the arts, you can find her after hours at the gym or outside running, all depending on the brutality of Chicago’s weather.

Why Do You Like Your Job?
I get to work with creative, hard working and intelligent people every day. I am lucky to say I have fun while being challenged.

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For inquiries contact:
Corey Gutwillig
Director, Business Development