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Face-to-face Social Studies in the Netherlands and Belgium



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Continuous face to face data collection spread throughout the Netherlands and Belgium

The Eurobarometer is the world’s longest-running face-to-face survey. According to Wikipedia, “The Eurobarometer is a series of opinion polls conducted on behalf of the European Commission since 1973 to map public opinion in EU member states. The information helps the Commission prepare texts, take decisions and evaluate its work. The polls focus on issues of concern to EU citizens such as EU enlargement, the social situation and policy areas such as health, culture, information technology, the environment, defense and the Euro.”

MCM Research conducts this research on behalf of Kantar. In the Netherlands we have been doing this since 2018, in Belgium since 2021. In both countries, this is done by teams (project managers and interviewers) who also carried it out for Kantar before that time and made the switch to MCM.

Eight to nine times a year a measurement takes place, in which we realize 1,000 interviews in people’s homes in 11- 13 days. The topics differ per wave and are certainly not always about the EU. They are, however, about subjects on which the European Commission wants to take a decision. The Eurobarometer gives European citizens a voice in this decision-making process. For example, current topics such as immigration and climate change have recently been covered, as well as topics such as investing in science and the role citizens see for the EU.

The Eurobarometer takes place in all EU member states, sometimes supplemented by candidate and other associated countries. Eurobarometer results are publicly available and can be found at

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