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Personal and committed in market research

Together with our network of professional interviewers in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, we collect high-quality data through personal interviews. We believe that our personal and involved approach lays the foundation for good data that will lead to good decisions. Our interviewers go into people’s homes and on location to find out the opinions of your target audience. Whether it is an opinion on the climate, a train journey or the taste of a product, we are fully prepared to assist in providing answers to pressing questions.

Mobile Panel
Mobile Panel is our consumer panel in the Netherlands. This proprietary panel…
There are topics where personal conversation is essential but face to face…
Face-to-face research Direct contact with respondents is what we stand for. Whether…
With around one million personal contacts a year, it is fair to say: “We are the most personal market research agency in the Benelux”.

Who we are?!

Mobile Centre Market Research, or MCM Research for short, has been active in the Dutch market for more than 40 years. In those years, the company developed from a small player offering mainly taste tests and fieldwork on location into the largest independent face-to-face fieldwork agency in the Benelux.

Today, MCM Research employs 500 staff / interviewers from its offices in the Netherlands, France and Belgium. Our network is deployed for various assignments with a focus on large-scale, national data collection.

Sign up as a member of Mobile Panel

Think, do and test with us. Do you enjoy testing products and do you live near our test locations in Almere? Then sign up to Mobiel Panel, the consumer panel of Mobiel Centre Market Research. You will always receive compensation for participating in surveys at our test locations.

Our projects

Our assignments are diverse, from large door-to-door projects with thousands of interviews to one-day visitors interviewing at an event or in a shop. We carry out projects from the north of the Netherlands to the south of Europe.

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Nationale Bank Belgie in samenwerking met IPSOS
National Bank
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Our locations

MCM Research’s head office is in Almere. From this location, we do the planning for the Netherlands, execute projects, deliver data, take care of financial processing and much more. Our office in Leuven supervises the projects in Belgium, and we have also recently opened an office in Paris for the activities we do in France. The office at Schiphol Airport has responsibility for all data collection projects carried out at the airport by MCM Research. We also have our own Test Centre where we carry out taste tests.

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